Why Wagg'nPurr Pet Sitters?

Less Stress = Fewer Hairballs


Pets are happiest at home, surrounded by recognizable smells and sounds. With pet sitting services from Wagg’nPurr, they can play with their favorite squeaky toys, sleep on their own cozy bed or yours, nibble their comfort kibble, and get potty breaks – just as they would if you were home. Additionally, they are safe in their familiar environment, unexposed to pet diseases and unknown dangers – not to mention the barking at all hours of the night. As an added benefit, you don't have to worry about getting your pet to and from a Round Rock, Texas pet boarding facility.  Best of all, guess who’s waiting for you when you get home!

Your Two-Legged Watch Dogs


While you are away, there will be daily activity at your home. We proudly drive unmarked vehicles and are happy to give up any advertising opportunities for your added safety. We will gather your mail and newspapers, take-out/bring-in garbage and recycling bins, turn lights off and on, open and close blinds – all of which provides a “lived-in” feel and could act as a crime deterrent. 


Peace of Mind


With Wagg’nPurr's professional pet sitters, your pet's needs come first! Your furry baby will receive one-on-one play time, cuddling and care while you are away. And you’ll receive daily text updates from our pet sitters. Plus, always feel free to call, text or email us anytime to check in on your little ones. 

You’ll find we’re very easy and accommodating. If your returning flight gets canceled or your car breaks down, just give us a call. We’ll be there bright eyed and bushy tailed to provide love and care to your furry kiddos as long as you need us. Then when you do get home, they’ll be right there ready to greet you with their biggest welcome home wags and purrs.

For your peace of mind, we are fully insured and bonded by Pet Sitters Associates. Our user-friendly, web-based system allows you to schedule your appointment online any time of day or night or update Fluffy’s medication schedule. The individual pet profiles should be updated regularly so we always have the most current information to properly care for your precious pets.



Our Pledge to You


We will always do more than just feed and water your pets. We will let them run and play, give them treats (if permitted), let them lick our faces and never leave without giving them a hug! Your pets will enjoy quality loving pet care without leaving your Round Rock neighborhood.